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Current listing: Wheatland Ridge Duplexes, $7,875,000. <a class=sliderLink href='aptsforsale.shtml#WheatlandRidge_2018'>Learn more.</a> Current listing: Mitchell Apartments & Retail, $5,140,000. <a class=sliderLink href='aptsforsale.shtml#Mitchell'>Learn more.</a> Current listing: Arborview Apartments, $8,060,000. <a class=sliderLink href='aptsforsale.shtml#Arborview'>Learn more.</a> Sold: Serrano Apartments, $8,700,000. <a class=sliderLink href='aptsforsale.shtml#Serrano'>Learn more.</a> Sold: Medford Plaza Apartments, $4,680,000. <a class=sliderLink href='aptsforsale.shtml#MedfordPlaza'>Learn more.</a> Sold: Magnolia Retail & Office, $2,700,000. <a class=sliderLink href='aptsforsale.shtml#Magnolia'>Learn more.</a> Sold: The Cavalier Townhome Apartments, $3,329,000. <a class=sliderLink href='aptsforsale.shtml#CavalierApartments'>Learn more.</a> Sold: The Windsor Court Apartments, $7,940,000. <a class=sliderLink href='aptsforsale.shtml#WindsorCourt'>Learn more.</a> Sold: Gatehouse Apartments, $8,150,000. <a class=sliderLink href='aptsforsale.shtml#Gatehouse'>Learn more.</a>

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Successful apartment sales transactions have many components. Property valuations, current market information, marketing, negotiations, and special insight gleaned from years of successfully closing real estate transactions are a few of the reasons prospective sellers and buyers want Apartments Northwest, LLC, as their resource.

Property owners, as well as buyers looking for investment opportunities, will benefit from the transactional experience that Apartments Northwest has to offer. We, through years of experience and closed transactions, take great pride in successfully managing the apartment-sales process on behalf of our valued clients.

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